Box Brown

makes comics and other drawings


Wrestlers for Front Magazine, unpublished, 2014

Map of Philly for Philly, 2014 

Avenue Q Poster, 2014

Commissioned portrait, 2014

Small Press Expo Promotional Ad, 2014

Flyer, 2014

HHH and Stephanie Commissioned Work (2013)

Justin Bieber’s Arm (2013)

Gig Poster 2013

Author Portrait for Andre the Giant Life and Legend (First Second Books, 2014)

Steve Harvey Ink & Tone Portrait 2013 Essay Illustrations 2013

Portait Commission 2013

Zelda Comic, Paste Magazine 2013

Poster Design 2013

Poster Design 2013

Tote Bag Design for Atomic Books 2012

Chris Ware parody for Atomic Books 2013

Artist B. Kliban for a card set 2013

Wrestler “Hulk Hogan” 2013

Pixel art 2013

Logo illustration for RiYL

Muscly-Bart, 2012

"Star Man" for a wrestling themed art show, 2012 

Gig poster for Marc Maron, 2012

Pickpockets and Loose Women Album Cover, 2012 

Personal commission, 2012


"Hey You" illustration for OC Weekly

Portrait illustration of comic artist Rick Parker

Portrait illustration of artist Josh Bayer

T-shirt design for Old School Wrestling Podcast

Flair vs. Dusty, 2012

Apocalypse postcard for Kus Komiksi, 2012

Official Ratings 1990 print design, 2012

Fantasy T-rex house, 2012

Whiskey label, 2011

Nudie, 2012

Zine cover, 2012